Choosing a Service Company

Important information when choosing a service company

It is in your best interest to be sure that employees of the company you are thinking of hiring have their up-to-date government trade licenses. Inexperienced or unlicensed technicians will cost you more money in the end due to more time spent troubleshooting equipment, improper diagnosis, and future problems caused by bad workmanship.

Choose an experienced contractor:
An inexperienced contractor can cost you money by improper design of equipment. Equipment that has been improperly designed could be undersized and unable to keep up to demand. This will cause longer running times and ultimately more breakdowns due to equipment operating too long and too hard. If units are oversized other problems may occur, such as too much humidity, overheating of equipment and higher operating costs.

 Climate Control only hires experienced designers, installer and service technicians:

All of our employees have their government  and T.S.S.A. licenses. With our experienced technicians you get fast, accurate diagnosis of any equipment  problem – and the best workmanship in the business. Our expertise allows us troubleshoot your problem quickly - often in less than an hour. We also have a highly experienced engineering team that can design refrigeration systems, air conditioning equipment, boilers, high capacity dehumidification units, heating equipment, Carrier VVT, 3V and all associated duct work.